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Farmers Markets

May 18, 2008

So, we were told that food prices in Hawaii were outrageous. They are. What else would you expect from a place with an abundance of red clay soil and pineapples and macadamia nuts as the major staple crops? We’ve already been advised by multiple persons to get our member cards for the supermarkets and to be discerning about where we buy our veggies, meats, etc.

But there may be a silver lining to the clouds on our food budget horizon: local farmers markets. That’s right, local-grown, low-impact, organic (one optimistically assumes) and cheap(er than the supermarkets). All arrayed in a raw environment of weatherbeaten tents, wood crates and hand-painted signs. Holy granola, it’s a crunchy suburbanite’s wet dream!

Farmers Market at the Waikiki Community Center

We tried this one at the Waikiki Community Center on Friday. It was a modest affair, but had a steady stream of buyers coming through. Among other things picked up some nice Washington apples – I guess that’s one thing that absolutely doesn’t grow locally.

Farmers Market at Kapiolani Community College

On Saturday we hit the Saturday Farmers Market at the Kapiolani Community College. This one seems to be the largest and most well-known of the Honolulu markets. In contrast to Friday’s, the KCC market had way more variety and sprawl, as well as a certain smell of salescraft, with many stalls peddling local branded goods like honeys and juices.

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