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Diamond Head Cove Health Bar

June 1, 2008

Recently I’ve been throwing all my energy into the hunts for wheels and work. As neither has born much fruit of yet – the used car sellers all turn out to be curbstoners and the job offers coquettish – stress levels are rising (relative to Hawaii) and down time is scant. The result is that I am gradually compiling a backlist of things to write about on this blog.

One of which is the Diamond Head Cove Health Bar, an effortlessly hip purveyor of massive cold beverages that blend lots of fruit and other fresh matter that are insanely good for your body and soul, as well as seafood-based organic entres such as fish wrapped into spinach tortilla with fresh veggies. The ambience is a collision of bohemian coffeehouse – think worn couches and scuffed coffee tables – and surfer chic. It works, it’s all natural goodness.

Some local friends of Tokyo friends were kind enough to introduce us to the place, and hopefully we will be able to include it in our infrequent outings.

Diamond Head Cove Health Bar


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