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Mi Casa Taqueria

June 6, 2008

Yes, I’m going to write about food again. Earthly essential, divine pleasure that it is.

Having discovered with the Diamond Head Cove Health Bar that Monsarrat has some street cred in the eats department, we ventured all the way across the street to Mi Casa Taqueria, a Mehican eatery that is almost the southern twin of DHCHB, replete with order-at-counter convenience.

I am kicking myself for not bringing the camera, because the eroded technicolor ambience was pitch perfect and enormously comfortable. Think of scenes from Nacho Libre (which had beautiful cinematography and not much else going for it) minus the over-the-top stereotyping (and Jack Black).

The fare, unfortunately, did not live up to the atmosphere. No courtesy chips-n-salsa? Holy frijoles! I tried the mulitas, which were tasty indeed, but accompanied by a skimpy black bean salad (also tasty, but skimpy). Mizuho’s burrito was bursting at the seams, reminiscent of cheap summer lunches in DC courtesy of the Burrito Brothers, but strangely lacking in flavor (also reminiscent of the Burrito Brothers).

I probably need to sample more of the menu, but for now am wishing the dishes offered more of the sunshine promised by the decor.

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