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June 8, 2008


This is our second son Kyle. He has Down Syndrome, which provided one of the motives behind our move to Hawaii.

Everything about our experience of dealing with his condition in Japan – starting with the way we found out – was less than satisfactory. As a culture the Japanese are not well-equipped to deal with difference, and this was reflected in the medical and therapeutic care we received for Kyle. Without dwelling too much on the negative, let’s just say that we never encountered a professional caregiver who was prepared to do more than the bare minimum, and often it was hard to even find that level of provision. In fairness, the doctors at the National Research Institute for Child Health and Development located near our place in Setagaya-ku were competent.

But nobody was ever what I would call supportive. Hence the move.

On arrival we contacted H-KISS, who put us in touch with a case handler for early intervention services provided by Easter Seals. He came to our home and spent nearly two hours explaining to us the overwhelming array of services and information tools available to us through Easter Seals and the Hawaiian government. He arranged for someone to come in a couple weeks to look at Kyle and recommend therapies to aid his growth. And he actually seemed genuinely interested in and concerned about Kyle’s condition and our situation.

But the most amazing development has been Kyle’s progress in the four weeks since coming to Hawaii. Something about the combination of clean, salty air, abundant sunlight and space to move has triggered noticeable improvements in his motor skills, communication and overall demeanor. He loves it here!

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  1. June 14, 2008 2:17 am

    Hello. Kyle is beautiful. I’m over yonder in Costa Rica. My second son has Downs too. Will keep you bookmarked!

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