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June 15, 2008

The day after eating at Kaka’ako Kitchen, I had my first taste of Korean in Hawaii. And a very good taste it was.

Sorabol is located in a small stripmall complex that houses another Korean restaurant, a Korean bar, Korean karaoke, Korean everything, you get the idea. It is like a self-contained Korean town, if it is possible to call a stripmall a town.

The decor, to be honest, had me a bit confused. Tables arrayed somewhat cafeteria-style, chintzy glass chandeliers, a couple fishtanks, all of it hovering somewhere between classy and worn-down. Apparently the place is open 24-7, which could account for the feel of wear and tear.

Started with a bottle of Hite. The logo of Hite looks like a poor conflagration of the Miller Lite logo and a dishwashing powder label. And it looks like it tastes. Actually, it is not bad, a very light-bodied beer with a crisp and sweet finish that, naturally, goes well with Korean food.

We ordered up the usual fare: meat and kimchi. While it wasn’t on a level with the best I’ve had in Japan or Korea, it still did the trick. The sweet tea at the end provided a nice finish.

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