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Macdaddy Pancakes

June 30, 2008

On Fathers Day we ended up brunching at Mac24-7, a “modern American diner” that is, true to its name, open 24-7. People didn’t seem to be put off by the kitschy decor that passes for chic, or the really bad distressed stencil logo; we had to wait for 30 minutes just to get in. But wait a stinkin minute! The place was not even 50% full by the time we were led to our table. The reason for this unusual policy came clear when we encountered the incompetent wait/cook staff. They certainly could not have handled full capacity, let alone 50%. Our order arrived in relatively short order, but I watched the mounting frustration of the table seated after us as they waited throughout our entire meal for theirs to arrive.

The omelette I ordered was unremarkable, but that was besides the point. Mac24-7 is famous, locally, for the most ridiculously large pancakes you’ve ever seen. We ordered a plate of banana walnut chocolate to share, but I don’t think Konishiki would even be able to polish off these flapjacks.

All in all, I didn’t really get it. Who wants to take home pancakes in a doggy bag?

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