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Olive Tree

August 22, 2008

First of all, it ain’t the Olive Garden, ok? I told someone – a longtime resident whose name shall remain anonymous cause he should be feeling enough shame – I went to the Olive Tree for dinner. And he said, “You mean the Olive Garden?” I mean, it’s a small island, and the Olive Tree offers the most amazingly flavorful Greek food at insanely low prices anywhere on it. And the Olive Garden is just… the favorite restaurant of one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends.

Secondly, if you are reading this (thanks!), and you only remember one thing of what I’m telling you, remember this: there is a wine shop right next door to the restaurant. I’m telling you this because I had read that somewhere at some point, but when we actually went all I remembered was that it’s a byob kind of place. So, if you want to save yourself an extra 30-minute trip to Safeway en route, remember: wine shop next door.

Thirdly, what’s not to like? I only found one thing – the limited menu, which might get old on repeated trips
– and that’s just because I’m a nitpicky bastard. Oh, and it’s crowded, but once you find a table, you’re golden, because you can tuck right into your wine without even having to wait for a waiter. Because there are none. Like many many places here in HI, it’s service at the counter. From the first mouthwatering bites of the baba ghanoush all the way through to the baklava (or balaclava, as I was calling it after two bottles of wine) that you don’t really need but get anyway because it looks (and then tastes) so completely decadent, the food is on the level.

Mostly Greek food. I don’t know, it tasted pretty Greek to me, but I appreciate the playfulness.


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