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Kyle, A Progress Report

September 2, 2008

A couple months back I posted about Kyle’s amazing developments over the course of a single month in Hawaii. I am happy to report that his progress continues along the same trajectory.

Some of the credit goes to the workers from Easter Seals who are helping Kyle with his mental and physical development. A physical therapist visits us once a week, and an educator once every two weeks. Kyle has always had an aversion to physical therapy, possibly due to the subpar experiences he had in Tokyo, and it took him awhile to warm to the therapist. Whenever she would arrive, he would immediately freeze up and refuse to demonstrate any of what he is capable of. Fortunately he has realized she is friend, not foe, and in recent sessions has been much more active. The education sessions, on the other hand, he has enjoyed consistently.

Unaided sitting, climbing from an assisted standing position, communicating through hand gestures, motoring from room to room, stacking blocks – all of these seemed far out of his reach just a few months ago but are now a part of his arsenal of skills. He still has a long way to go, but, suffice to say, he is thriving here.

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