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Bar 35

September 3, 2008

What is it with the naming of these Chinatown bars? Is there some local ordinance that stipulates any drinking establishment must include the address in the name? Is the presumption that a bar is easier to find for the intoxicated if it is just a number? Is it riding the coattails of the minimalist trend in bar/restaurant naming in hepper metropolises like your New Yorks and your Londons? Or is it a competitive copycat ploy, based on the hope that some dolt will be told by his friends to meet at Bar 35, get confused and have a few mojitos at 39 Hotel before realizing he is two doors down from where his posse is?

Who knows.

What I do know is that if 39 Hotel did not exist right next door, Bar 35 would be looking pretty special. Some folks might even prefer Bar 35 due to its more traditional bar-like atmosphere. I’m not one of those folks, but I will give them props for having a deep beer fridge. Either the waitress was too lazy to have memorized the beer list or was being honest when she said it was too long to reel off. Nonetheless, when I asked if they had Anchor Steam, they did. Sure, Anchor Steam is not the rarest of rarities, but I will happily return to any bar that stocks it.

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