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Aloha Salads

September 4, 2008

Plate lunch, I am coming to learn, is a staple of the Hawaiian diet. I like a good plate lunch, but basically what it boils down to is a glorified cafeteria lunch. Today, for example, I had a chicken fried steak in a thick white sauce with mashed potatoes and tossed greens (the healthy alternative to macaroni salad) from Kaka’ako Kitchen. Disgustingly delicious heart attack food.

Sometimes you want to take the path of righteousness, and you hope that you can still have a good time while doing it (probably not, but let’s not spoil the sentiment). Aloha Salads makes that possible in a culinary sense. They offer a range of salads (and subs – come for the salads, stay for the subs) that feature mouthwatering combinations of herbage with ample handfuls of the good stuff – cheeses, fruits and nuts – mixed in. Real salads. Man salads. Grrr. My current favorite is the Ono Island Ahi Salad, with its combination of mango, strawberries, avocados and seared ahi.

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