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Burgers on the Edge

September 26, 2008

I did something inadvisable today. I had burgers for both lunch and dinner, consuming over a pound of beef on the day. While I realize this is a modest achievement compared to the eating habits of my average countryman, I find myself tending toward a balanced diet full of variety, and a 2-burger day seemed excessively indulgent. And immensely enjoyable.

My first burger of the day came courtesy of Kua ‘Aina, which is a mere half step up from fast food. But the second made Kua ‘Aina look like a McDonald’s cheeseburger (complete with limp pickles and dehydrated onion specks).

Burgers on the Edge, located across the parking lot from Safeway off Kapahulu, is the home of serious beef and buns action! Part of the fun is assembling your own creation, starting with the tantalizing choice of USDA premium chuck or wagyu, moving on to a range of cheeses (I went bleu), sauces (I went Cabernet wine), and toppings (I went apple wood smoked bacon, portabella mushroom and sliced red onions) on a thick focaccia-like bun that holds the meat well, doesn’t get soggy and tastes amazing.

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