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Creatives for Obama

November 2, 2008

With the election season about to come to a climactic close, and the media doing their damnedest to whip things into a frenzy – needlessly so – many of us are feeling like we are on the cusp of something big. To a certain extent, the amount of emotion people have invested in this election is a little scary, a symptom of fear; there is a palpable whiff of desperation in the air. And some of this is surely justified. With a tanking economy, an overstretched military, a broken infrastructure and a shifting dynamic in the world power balance, the stakes are high.

At this point, Obama seems to be gliding toward victory like Michael Jordan dunking in slo mo from the freethrow line. Barring some weird Gore-like reversal of fortune, my earlier prediction of a McCain victory is seeming more and more foolish. Even Steven Colbert appears to be grudgingly endorsing Obama.

It has been interesting to see different groups coming out to support Obama. There is the lefty media, of course, and Hollywood, but it has also been impressive the way creatives (by which I mean commercial and non-commercial artists of all media) have felt compelled to generate unsolicited promotions. I can’t think of another candidate in the history of big media that has inspired such a tremendous outpouring of grassroots support.

Some examples:

The well-known music video, Yes We Can.

Graphic artist Shepard Fairey’s iconic Obama posters.

Wassup the reprise.

The artists of Wants for Sale offering Obama portraits in exchange for campaign donations.

One high profile agency put up People in the Middle for Obama.

Another imagined Palin as President.

And, of course, creatives aren’t the only ones for Obama. Apparently, these guys are too.

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  1. sfokc6125 permalink
    November 2, 2008 2:19 pm

    Now lets look an THINK America. Obama and Bidon has called this great NATION Black or White because there is no difference WE ARE ALL AMERICANS. They have called ALL AMERICANS Selfish , Unpatriotic , unless we vote for him.WRONG The first place your voice ether way is REAL AMERICAN. He has proven ties to both domestic and foreign terrorists. Has never served this nations armed forces. Has 90% tardiness record with his currant job as a Senator. The spread the wealth crap and it is crap.In a slow economy you DONT SPEND MORE AND YOU DONT RAISE TAXES. Lower taxes and less spending brings the dollar up it creates jobs. More jobs is more revenue , This also puts AMERICA Back on top in the World economy. The milatary will not follow a leader that has no sence of what VICTORY means to the COUNTRY. Dont let him lower your chance at having the AMERICAN DREAM.If you get the money from his welfare share the wealth plan then you become the one who then pays 50 % and you dont grow you become the back that HIS PARTY GETS RICH. So you never grow but the democrats get your money .WAKE UP WE ARE ONE NATION , We NEED A PROVEN LEADER THAT SEEs AMERICA , NOT DEMOCRATS NOT REPULICANS BUT AMERICANS. John McCain has crossed isle moretimes then Obama has been in the senate. A leader never uses guilt to get vote. I voted my belief not by party, I AM A AMERICAN AND YOU CANT USE GUILT TO CHANGE MY MIND. IT IS MY VOICE AND MY VOTE.

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