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Kraftwerk Revisited

November 2, 2008

The other day I obtained the full Kraftwerk discography. To be honest, I wasn’t all that stoked about it. I almost felt it was kind of an obligation as a music collector, more than any real desire to have their music. I’ve been listening to Trans-Europe Express for years, but always with mixed feelings. It was one of those albums I felt I should like more than I really did. I also saw them live, at a festival, but the strongest impression I took away was the question of whether it was really them on stage or mannequins.

But with my recent acquisition, and a few patient listens, I suddenly understand. With The Man-Machine and Computer World, you can hear the precursors of everything to come in electronic music. I also think their music has aged well. In my iTunes shuffle tracks from those albums blend perfectly well with more contemporary electronic artists. With Autobahn, I was also able to understand how they were often thrown in with the Kraut Rock movement. I used to listen to Can and think apples and oranges. But Autobahn is a little more organic, and much more trancey, with the band’s Kraut Rock roots still evident.

Anyway. Just wanted to point out how much Kraftwerk rocks. In case anyone besides me had forgotten.

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