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November 4, 2008

I’m a single guy, a swingin bachelor for a couple of weeks, with wife and kids back in Tokyo. Part of this deal means rising to the challenge of feeding myself.

On a recent Saturday evening, it was time to take a taste of the local ramen. Since Tenkaippin is a known quantity, I thought I’d opt for the more adventurous choice: Rai Rai Ramen, a couple blocks up from Tenkaippin on Kapahulu.

The verdict: not bad at all. Perfectly decent miso chashu with egg noodles on the thick side, a little katame which I think is the ideal. Chashu tender, buttery and flavorful. Soup not astounding but good enough. A side of gyoza was very good – homemade, with a nice blend of spiced meat and garlic.

A month or two ago I also tried Goma Tei at Ward Center. This was more of a Kyushu style to Rai Rai’s Sapporo, and equally well done. Also a very flavorful, tender chashu, with a soup that was almost too spicy, in a good way.

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