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Welcome to the War Zone

January 3, 2009


When my coworkers tried to ‘splain me what a New Years celebration in Honolulu entails – the city transformed into an allout war zone – I was like, Yeah, yeah, I was here for the Fourth of July, I’ve seen it already.

I hadn’t seen nothin yet.

We spent most of the evening with some local friends in Kaimuki, who had collectively spent close to $5000 on a personal stash of fireworks and gotten permits from the city to detonate in the street in front of their home. On their street alone there were perhaps two or three more displays of the same caliber. Multiply this across the entire city and you have a nonstop communal citywide eruption starting at sunset and extending to the early hours of the morning.

Forget the “official” midnight Waikiki/Aloha Tower Marketplace shows. That’s for tourists. From our lanai looking to mauka we had a pristine view of fireworks exploding all across the city. That’s the way they do it here. Celebration is not a passive activity. Hawaiians take pyromania into their own hands. The way it should be.

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