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Revolution in Movie Rating Systems

February 1, 2009

Most movie ratings systems – star systems, or thumbs – are generally worthless. They don’t really give you enough information to go on at a glance. So I thought I would create an alternative to the star system. It’s based on the premise that what most people really want to know if the movie is enjoyable or not, and whether it is intelligent or idiotic (otherwise known as good good, good bad, bad good and bad bad). Thus, you have two axes, four quadrants, and, with four points per axis, 16 possible ratings, and an already much higher level of precision in movie rating. It looks like this:


Dark Knight, for example, you might rate as B:1 E:2, while Sex and the City would receive a B:-1 E:-2. There might be more “essential” dimensions that add more depth, but by including them you risk turning your shorthand guide into a mini-review. Movie reviewers, you are welcome.

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  1. October 17, 2009 2:27 pm

    This is outstanding! I’m using this from now on. Also, it’d be great to just put the movie title, or a little icon, on the chart rather than assigning scores.

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