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The Name Game

March 9, 2009

As someone who entered branding via the ignominious trade of verbal identity, I sometimes, rather pathetically, still find myself hovering hungrily over news of a verbal rebranding like a collector of rare manuscripts. I came across a couple this week:


This week a federal judge helped thwart go! Airlines’ attempt to rebrand as Aloha, dismissing their purchase of the name and logo as illegally conducted. Aloha was the local airline they put out of business almost a year ago through aggressive pricing tactics. It’s really odd to me that they’d want to reskin using the dead remnants of their old competitor. Yes, there is a lot of equity in Aloha, but here in Hawaii, folks would scream for blood if the deal went down. Aloha was part of the community, and a big job provider. You might fool the tourists, but the locals would be pulling the screws out of your wings.


I was a little slow on the uptake on this one, but to be honest I just don’t watch that much tv anymore. I happened to flip on Headline News – I mean, HLN – and the first thing I noticed, aside from how much further it continues to slide down the infotainment tube (npi), with CB-Rihana dominating the cycle, was the logo change. All this happened late last year, from what I gather, but they are still reminding viewers, just as the newsreader had to remind us that arraignment means “formally charged”. I guess all this is geared at the text generation, and what with the E!ish content leanings, it does seems very craftily crafted for their target demographic. At risk of sounding fogeyish, I was turned off (npi). Win some, lose some, I guess.

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