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Pecha Kucha, Honolulu

March 15, 2009


Stopped by the fourth installation of Pecha Kucha in Honolulu on Friday. It was held in the courtyard of the Academy Art Center, a venue that makes quite a contrast with SuperDeluxe in Tokyo. Think a leafy canopy provided by gnarled trees, old stone walls and the occasional bird swooping down from overhead. On the whole, the presenters were maybe less polished than those in Tokyo, but not any less interesting. And free beer is a bonus.

Highlights included Dave Pollard, who coincidentally is now based in Tokyo, and had presented at Pecha Kucha there. Dave, an artist who builds primitive housing structures in urban areas made from organic and “found” recycled materials, shared his life story in twenty slides. Very passionate and inspiring. The other speaker of note had to be Nate Orr, who was on the bill as an “intuitive consultant”. He shared his ludicrous and highly entertaining vision of the world as viewed through the lens of a number of esoteric pseudoscientific  practices. If he was sincere, it would be somewhat disappointing. If it was a piece of performance art, sheer and utter genius.

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