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Getting Frisky in Frisco

April 13, 2009

I have a new nomination for greatest city on the planet. It’s an obvious one, but christ-almighty, the competition just pales in comparison. Forget about all those most-livable cities lists perennially topped by Vancouver – most overrated city on the planet (disclaimer: I have not been there, call it a “gut feeling”), forget about New York, Geneva, London, Paris. Frisco’s got it all.

Exceptional dining? Check. Mad culture? Check. Living history? Check. Wonderful people? Check. Easy access to nature? Check. Human scale? Check. Bike lanes? Check.

Mind you, this rave review is based on a week’s stay (much of which was across the bay in Oakland)…


Thanks to the tanking economy, we were able to take advantage of plunging room rates and got a deal on rooms at the Palace.


The Oakland Bedrock office.


Truth in advertising at the ferry building morning market.

Also, a few of the wonderful places I had the opportunity to dine at: R&G Lounge, Tomasso’s, the newly opened Midi, and of course, brunch at Marie’s place in Berkeley.

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