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Why people have no faith in government health care

April 13, 2009

Since we are not independently wealthy, and the health care plan offered by my company is a little shall-we-say rich for our blood, we signed up Kyle for Medicaid, since his DS status allows him to qualify. Once signed up, we received some poorly crafted communications from the program informing us we had to select a provider – yes, even Medicaid is outsourced (maybe that’s the problem?). Once we figured out what we were supposed to do, we signed him up for Ohana, which seemed the less dodgy of the two options.

After a couple routine visits to our primary pediatrician, we were summarily informed that we would need to find another provider, as it seems Ohana has not been paying their bills. Of course, the wonderful helpful folk at Ohana – very friendly and composed they are – could neither confirm nor deny such reports. I guess you get what you pay for. And, if you are a tax-paying American sap, that means precious little. What a country!

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