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Kubota Manju

August 9, 2009


I’ve never really been a fan of nihonshu (sake). This was probably due to the bad introduction I had to it. One too many OneCup hangovers, I guess. Later I got into shochu, and it became my Japnese beverage of choice. I would only drink nihonshu if it was offered, and then only grudgingly.

The other night I had a nihonshu to jolt me out of my indifference. A friend was kind enough to bring by a bottle of Kubota Manju, which is perennially rated among the top nihonshus. It went down so easily, before we knew it we had polished off the bottle. Which was a shame, because it seemed like something to be savored in small doses.

I tell you what, though. The next morning I woke up not with a OneCup hangover, but feeling clearer-headed and looser of limb than I had for weeks. Truly a well-balanced brew.

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