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Links o the week

August 9, 2009

It was a busy week, but you’d never know it from all the bookmarks I racked up on delicious. This is but a sampling:

Spent nine years in Japan, but never became well-acquainted with the concept of chindogu.

I do so love me a good ‘ol bluegrass jam.

Toyota’s Global Marketing Division was once a client of mine, so this came as a surprise – though not in retrospect. They have been ineffectual for years, so this is actually a good move.

Wacky, yet touching animation.

I noticed this week that major media outlets like ESPN and WSJ are cracking down on employees with authoritarian Twitter policies. I’m actually siding with the corporations on this one. When your business is distributing information to the public, you’ve got to manage all the channels.

Ridiculously talented information designer. How does one get paid to do such stuff?

Amazing clip from Russia’s Got Talent (who knew?). I had the misfortune to watch a couple episodes of America’s Got Talent a few weeks ago. We got no culture. America’s a big empty suit.

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