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Happy Birthday Taiyo!

September 14, 2009


On August 28 Taiyo reached the big oh-five. We celebrated with a big old beach barbecue at Kaimana. Unfortunately between grill and lifeguard duty, I was unable to get behind the camera. I really need to work on my multi-tasking. Can I use my maleness as an excuse?

On a side note, we had an illustrative confrontation prior to the party. Mizuho had heard from her friends that it would be better to obtain a permit for our party from the Public Parks Authority. We did, and made the (apparently false) assumption that this then entitled us to “land rights”. When we presented our permit to a gentleman who had set up in the area we were hoping to use, he looked at us like we were batshit insane and claimed to have never heard of anybody getting a permit for holding an event, folded his arms, and refused to budge, having staked out his ground hours earlier. When we mentioned our story to people at the party, many were able to relate similar experiences. Another culture lesson learned!

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