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September 14, 2009

After getting double-teamed by the unholy alliance of my son’s birthday party and a work flareup, I’ve been negligent in keeping up with my already laid-back blogging schedule. The result is a backlog of topics, not to mention juicy, share-worthy links.

Here are five recent objets of note that I’ve stumbled upon in my adventures in the interwebs:

Having been thinking about information design (also known by the sexier term, “data visualization”), so I really appreciated this exhibit by a Minneapolis artist.

Well articulated essay on the symbiotic relationship between design, science and science fiction.

Was shocked to come across these nostalgia clips of the original odd couple: Jay and Dave!

We are all aware of the gamesmanship that goes on behind the scenes in the halls of Washington. Clearly, there was more to the Joe Wilson outburst than meets the eye. Well-informed Buzzfeed readers offer their insider takes on the now infamous interruption of Obama’s health care speech. (Totally sophomoric, but I couldn’t resist.)

Finally, on a more serious health care tack: this must-read article from the September Atlantic.

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