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My Inheritance

February 1, 2010

When my dad saw the Specialized Crosstrail I was using for my daily commute, he decided, in typical fashion, he had to go out and one-up me. Eventually he settled on an ’06 Trek 5200 road bike, which is more like a two-and-a-half-up. For reasons mentioned in previous posts, I now find myself in possession of this beautiful precision machine. I am the Toyota driver who finds himself behind the wheel of a Porsche. There have been a few adjustments as I learn what this beast is all about, and there is certainly no going back.

Still, it’s a little sad to be parting ways with my Specialized. It’s kind of like an amicable breakup – hopefully we can still be friends. As a tribute I put together a little data visualization of my bike commute in 2009. One data set that did not make the cut was gallons of sweat generated, number of showers at my office (0) and coworkers offended by my fresh odor.

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  1. February 1, 2010 7:56 am

    How many kgs or lbs lost?

    • pjwson permalink*
      February 1, 2010 8:15 am

      Sadly, I think I’ve somehow managed to gain weight. All muscle, of course!

  2. February 1, 2010 8:31 am

    Well you were too skinny anyway;) I’m guessing much healthier and full of energy.

    My new Scott road bike looks very similar to yours. It’s that lovely brown color as well.

  3. Burton Blume permalink
    February 2, 2010 3:32 pm

    That’s a real nice set of wheels! Take care of that machine and don’t let it get nicked.



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