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Pictures of America

February 18, 2010

My grandmother is now into her 90s, and one of the ways she passes her time is by making contributions to charitable causes. Although she could probably make a greater impact by donating a lump sum to a single organization, she prefers to spread the love, making small donations to a wide range of organizations. Many of these organizations send their donors calendars as a small token of gratitude, and when we visited over the holidays she asked if we needed a calendar or two.

I selected a few, not so much for their potential as wall hangings, as for the interest they merited. One contained prints of WWII propaganda posters, while another featured Norman Rockwell covers for the Saturday Evening Post. On a side note, I had always sort of bought into the idea of Rockwell as a schmaltzy sentimentalist, but am now coming to appreciate his astute eye for social commentary. Another calendar contained a series of photos of the US Military in Afghanistan. And of course, the crown jewel, a pictorial from the Reagan Ranch.

The little collection makes for an interesting snapshot of America that I thought would be fun to share.

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