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Where to Eat in Vienna, VA

February 19, 2010

One persona this blog seems to have developed is that of food critic. It should be fairly clear from my writing on the subject that I am both passionate about food and a bit fuzzy on the finer points. Believing the former to be more important than the latter, I’m going to venture outside my current tropic locale and recommend a couple of noteworthy dining establishments in Vienna, the Northern VA township where my mother resides.

Maple Ave has got to be the only spot in town capable of satisfying a serious foodie. The menu is about as eclectic as it gets, with an emphasis on good ingredients and a whole multitude of polyregional influences. I had the Ponzu Bass, which comes out whole, deep fried. I also appreciated the beer assortment, which, though small, had a bit of character. The Maryland-brewed Loose Cannon Ale was a first for me. Only downside to the place is the physical space – cozy in the extreme. Intimate might be the appropriate word. That is, if you enjoy being intimate with the party sitting at the table next to you.

Bazin’s on Church is the ultimate brunch spot for the Burn After Reading set. It was there that I had the spiciest Bloody Mary I think I’ve ever experienced. The stuff was like rocket fuel, lingering in the balance between stimulating and nauseating. For some reason I ordered the pulled pork sliders, which is kind of silly considering I live in Hawaii, but they were pretty good – probably not the house specialty, but an indicator of a level of quality. I’d like to get back there sometime for some real brunch food.

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