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Waimea Falls

September 26, 2010

Although I had been up to the North Shore countless times, and count Waimea Bay among my favorite Oahu beaches, in over two years I had never ventured into Waimea Valley, which lies inland across the highway from the Bay. The occasion of relatives visiting from Japan provided the perfect excuse to finally make the exploration. The Valley park is a natural phenomenon, helped along by some well-executed landscaping. The “hike” to the falls couldn’t be more family friendly, a mostly gentle incline that is paved all the way up to the falls.

These days the falls does not, unfortunately, look anything like the above picture. Multi-year drought conditions have reduced the raging waters to a trickle, though I can confirm that you are still able to sit under the falls and enjoy a good head cleansing. The boys and I really enjoyed swimming around the hole and up to the falls. It’s a magical spot even when not in its prime.

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