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Designing Brand Identity

February 22, 2011

95% of business books are useless self-promotion. Books on branding, a sub-genre of the category, are no different.

Designing Brand Identity falls in 5% worth owning. It tackles its subject matter with an organized clarity and breadth of scope that is unmatched. This is truly one of those books that won’t sit on your shelf looking pretty and gathering dust. The first section of the book delivers an excellent overview of the fundamentals of branding, the second covers many major phases of a standard branding process, and the third provides a strong set of case studies. You can imagine yourself returning to it again and again for a refresher on parts of the branding process you may be less familiar with. It is also well designed, which is both a relief and a pleasure. There is nothing less credible than a poorly designed book on branding.

In short, this book belongs at the top of the canon with the Aakers and Neumeiers. I wish I had bought this book years ago.

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