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November 29, 2009

The Japanese celebrate a number of rite-of-passage events throughout their lives, and these traditionally start with the Shichi-Go-San celebrations. When boys reach the age of three and five, and girls three and seven, it is customary to take them to a shrine to receive a blessing from a priest to ensure a happy and prosperous life. An added benefit realized by contemporary Japanese is that it makes for a tremendous photo-op (see exhibit A above).

Luckily for us, Japanese culture is still alive and well here in Hawaii. We attended the ceremony at Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha, a cute little shrine tucked in along H1, which, judging by the hopping business they were doing, seems to be the place to do it. Christina Silva, a talented local photographer friend of ours, was nice enough to meet us there and help us capture the moment.

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